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We work on cutting edge technologies to build solutions. We provide trainings on world class technologies to deliver business driven solutions to our customers. Providing high caliber IT professionals and the quality services and work on cutting edge technologies to build solutions cater to clients having specific needs, requiring customized solutions.

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IT Services

Staff Augmentation

We understand that our clients need onsite services for reasons of control, convenience and security of process and data. We offer onsite staff augmentation services to address such needs of our clients.


Web Development


Mobile Development


Quality Testing

Turnkey Solutions

Our clients sometimes need turnkey solutions not just staff augmentation. We provide turnkey solutions that meet our clients needs in short-term and long-term. At Impellent Tech we work on cutting edge technologies to build solutions which match industry standards and yet are delivered at record time. We offer flexible pricing models for our turnkey solutions in order to best match our clients vision. We harness the powers of Open Standards and Technology Neutral designs to ensure that our products survive technology obsolescence.


Package Implementation

In the information technology during industry, implementation refers to the post-sales process of guiding a client from purchase to use of the software or hardware that was purchased.


Custom Software Development

Since custom software is developed for a single customer it can accommodate that customer's particular preferences and expectations, which may not be the case for commercial off-the-shelf software.


Building IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the set of facilities and systems that serve a country, city, or other area,[1] and encompasses the services and facilities necessary for its economy, households and firms to function.


Document Management

A document management system (DMS) is a system used to receive, track, manage and store documents and reduce paper.

consulting consulting consulting


We at Impellent Technologies offer a broad range of services in select industries. These services promote innovation, drive growth and deliver value for our clients.

Our practice area leaders work closely with our industry professionals to tailor these offerings to your specific industry needs.

We also understand the key value drivers by industry and have developed innovative assessment tools and solutions to help you unlock hidden sources of value in your value chain.

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